Let's Ride
Perry and Lynne

Horseback adventures on your Colorado vacation!

Guided Trail rides near Mesa Verde National Park. Horse drawn carriage and wagon rides. Breakfast and Dinner rides. An authentic Rocky Mountain cowboy vacation experience!

Thank You's, Testimonials, and References

Hi Lynne and Perry,

Lynne, Pardner was excellent. What a nice horse! I thoroughly enjoyed my ride on him. In some ways, I felt like I was riding my own mare except that he is less reactive and so mellow. That was really nice of you to let me ride him. I have the best picture of Rollie, Perry and Rod from the back looking out over the ramparts.

Perry, you made the ride so special for us and our friends. Thank you. They so thoroughly enjoyed your company, the scenery, and the wonderful breakfast and visiting around the campfire. It will have been the highlight of their trip, thanks to you!

Joan and Rollie



I want to thank you again for the great time Rebecca and I had last Thursday. The next time we are in your area we will look you up again.

Thanks again,



Hello Lynne,

Thanks again for the wonderful ride! Now that all the saddle sores are gone…HA. Here are some pics from the trip, you should be able to expand them out bigger, I have a slow connection. They sure came out fantastic. Art made a great model.Take care.


Bryan and Diane Wold


Hi Lynne (&Perry)..

Thanks again for a great ride. And thanks for following us out as we burned up the final gallon of our gas.

Just for the record – we put in 33.1256 gallons. Tank holds 34. At about 8 miles to the gallon on a good day, we could have gone another 5-6 miles.

As I told Barb, "Shucks, it wasn't even close." She's still recovering from the mental duress, I think.

See you down the trail.

Jack & Barb


Hi Lynne & Perry,

We are safely back in France and still remember the great evening we did spend with you. It is one of the first stories we tell when we are asked to report about our four weeks in the U.S. Thanks for the great time and maybe see you later.

The Borns


Hi Perry & Lynne,

I really had a wonderful time in the few hours at Rimrock. Any need for a ranch hand for a few weeks?

Brian Killigrew – New York City