Let's Ride
Perry and Lynne

Horseback adventures on your Colorado vacation!

Guided Trail rides near Mesa Verde National Park. Horse drawn carriage and wagon rides. Breakfast and Dinner rides. An authentic Rocky Mountain cowboy vacation experience!

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Brian Killigrew – The Rimrock Collection
A Special Time at Rimrock

The horses stood 20 deep inside the corral. A lone figure walks out under the early morning light, towards the horses. ” Pardner,” calls Lynne Lewis of Rimrock Outfitters, “Come here, Pardner.” Slowly, the mass of horses part and a beautiful sorrel walks through them over to Lynne.

It was like being in an old cowboy movie.

While photographing in the area, I had the pleasure of staying awhile with Perry and Lynne Lewis, owners of Rimrock Outfitters, at their home near Mancos, Colorado. If you are in the area and are just itching for a horse ride, look no further than Rimrock.

Maybe it’s the incredible scenery — the impressive Rocky Mountains, the wide open vistas, the crystal clear lakes or the deep blue sky. Maybe it’s all of that with a little extra thrown in — good, decent people.

On the Rimrock website, you can read about all the wonderful rides they offer including my favorites, the breakfast and dinner rides. If you are like me, and like a good , big breakfast, do yourself a favor and go on a breakfast ride. After a wonderful ride through some of the prettiest landscape you’ll ever see, you’ll come upon Perry making his famous pancakes, bacon, and eggs (actually, the pancakes are Lynne’s recipe). The best thing is, you’ll smell it even before you see it — and there’s lots of it. Perry’s coffee ain’t half bad either.

The dinner ride is equally wonderful. Arriving after a great ride, one is greeted by the smell of steaks, potatoes, and apples cooking over a huge grill. Did I mention where you have breakfast and dinner? Overlooking a large field of horses, with the beautiful Rocky Mountains as a backdrop.

By the way, Perry and Lynne had what they call “real jobs” way back when. They both gave them up to spend their life doing what they love, riding horses. These are no ordinary people — Lynne is a wonderful singer with two CD’s out, and one of the treats of the dinner ride is that you get to hear Lynne sing, while Perry plays along with his wash tub bass. And just wait till you hear Lynne yodel! After you get back to the house, maybe you can catch Perry hand-rolling a cigarette the old-fashioned way.

Every so often, after one of the rides, a guest would sit down at the picnic table in the shade of the ponderosa pines, and say “You know, you got something special here. It’s not just about horse rides.”

It’s not. It’s a way of life.
As a photographer from New York City, I am always looking for interesting subjects. Here were the Rockies — big as life. But I was also being drawn into the house that Perry’s father built in 1948. An old stove from the early 1900’s, sits in their kitchen. Lynne’s jeans hanging on the clothesline, with their legs rounded from horse rides, drying in the Colorado sun. Cowboy hats for sale on the wall, still waiting for Perry to shape them. Old haunting curtains on the windows. Horseshoes in the saddle shed.

What follows is a portfolio of images made in and around Perry and Lynne’s home in 2006. I hope you enjoy them.  If you wish to view more of my work, go to: www.briankilligrew.com, or email me at: bk@briankilligrew.com

Brian Killigrew
June 2007
New York City