Let's Ride
Perry and Lynne

Horseback adventures on your Colorado vacation!

Guided Trail rides near Mesa Verde National Park. Horse drawn carriage and wagon rides. Breakfast and Dinner rides. An authentic Rocky Mountain cowboy vacation experience!

Ute Mountain Tribal Park Packtrip

Experience an authentic Colorado adventure – take a trip back to the “Old West” with Rimrock Outfitters. Our camp is set in a beautiful spot below Soda Point and the cliff dwelling of Two-Story House. Rimrock’s guests eat in classic western style with hearty meals prepared over an open fire and in dutch ovens. Just as in the days of the Wetherill’s our outfit includes a chuckwagon, cook tent, and wall tents.DSC_0006

Riding to camp down Weber Canyon; Ute Tribal Park.


Day One:

With special permission we will explore Cliff Dwellings on the Ute Mountain Tribal Park. The first day’s ride follows the river and the old trail that the Wetherill brothers took down the Mancos Canyon through magnificent scenery.  Our riders stop for lunch at Sandal House Cliff Dwelling, which got its name from the large quantity of yucca sandals found there. It’s not unusual to cross paths with the wild horses that roam the area.  Continuing on down the canyon, we arrive at camp below Soda Point, enjoy a delicious chuckwagon supper, and listen to cowboy singing & yodeling by the campfire.


Visiting Sandal House at lunch break.

Chuckwagon cuisine at camp,                                                

                                  and Soda Point at sunrise.


60Day Two:

After a good hot cup of coffee and breakfast we will explore a side canyon by horseback. We will hike to the cliff dwelling “Two-Story House” under the canyon rim, where camp looks like a miniature village way below. We will view both Ute and Ancient Puebloan petroglyphs and pictographs carved into the desert patina and rocks along the canyon walls.

                                                           Two-Story House and Soda Point

Pics 2 303Day Three:

Our group will travel to the trail head at Lion Canyon. Our Ute Tribal Park guide will lend us his insights to both the Ute and Ancient Puebloan cultures and history as we tour these little known sites. We will hike to four more cliff dwellings, including the Eagle’s Nest. Be prepared to climb up and down the ladders to the fascinating Cliff Dwellings just like the ancient ones did.

                                                                                                                 The trail to Eagle’s Nest                                  

DCF 1.0DCF 1.0

Day Four:

We break camp and follow the Mancos River back to the “New West” with memories of a very special Old West Adventure with the friendly folks at Rimrock Outfitters.

                                                                                                              Wild horses along the trail



Our 2012 Ute Tribal Park pack trip with Gary McMahan was fabulous! We rode horses down Mancos Canyon where the Wetherill brothers used to take the early day tours, explored several cliff dwellings, learned a lot from our Native guide.   

We saw petroglyphs and pottery sherds, ate delicious chuckwagon food, had wild horses visit camp (including a beautiful paint stud), and enjoyed the very     entertaining cowboy performer Gary McMahan!


This is a relatively strenuous adventure with considerable horseback riding and steep hiking.  Participants should be in good physical condition and should be aware that the elevation will be as high as 7000′.

The cost of the four day trip is

  • $1500 per person.

A 25% deposit is required to confirm reservations.